Costarrican importer and distributor of drugs and medical supplies

ALTREBO LIMITADA has as main activity the commercialization of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies for hospital use in Costa Rica. We specialize in contrast agents used for imaging medical exams generated by high technology equipment.

Founded in San José, Costa Rica in 1947 and operations started with the distribution of biliary products. In 1952 we introduced Contrast Agents in the Costa Rican market for the first with products from Guerbet laboratories, specifically with Lipiodol®. Later on we introduced Hexabrix®, Telebrix® Hystero and Dotarem®.

At the present, we have a wide variety of products available that include contrast agents and medical supplies.

ALTREBO LIMITADA highly qualified personnel specializes in Pharmacy, Engineering, Psychology, Finantial and Administrations.Our Team Focus on supporting day to day activities and providing a high quality service to our clients. We also have the support and collaboration of our laboratories to assure proper training for our team members achieved through workshops and e-seminars  to allow proper understanding and handling of all of our products.

Our mission is to distribute products that help provide a less invasive treatment and that allows patients also a faster recovery.


Brazil, France & USA


United Kingdom

The Contrast Agents are drugs that generally are administer directly in the vein, arteries or joints, or are ingested orally and are used to visualize organs such as the brain, kidneys, liver, blood vessels and stomach to detect any abnormality that may affect them.

They may be used in exams via Magnetic Resonance, CT Scan and/or Interventional Radiology. They can be injected  directly or via an injector that is programmed according to the patient’s needs and protocols.

Currently, we have Contrast Agents for all intervention areas mentioned: Gadoteric Acid for Magnetic Resonance; OptiRay for  CT Scan and Lipiodol for Interventional Radiology. We also have a variety of Injectors and Dedicated Disposables for the application of our Constrast Agents.


-CT/CathLab, MRI and Interventional Imaging
-Injection Systems and Services


Blood Grouping Reagents. Enzymes and Biochemicals​.


Colostomy, Urostomy and Ileostomy.
Stoma paste and powder Skin protective layer.


Internal and External Use Application Devices​

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